Happy Mother's Day

Bad News: You're not going to fit in.
Good News: The great ones never do.

In college, I got a lot of hate from fellow students and even from certain professors. 

"Why are you wearing that? This is a photography class not a fashion one. We don't dress up for this class." 
"I'm not sure you should even be at this school. You don't know what you're doing."

Hearing these things from professors made me question myself. Was I not "good enough" to be a professional photographer?

Then my mama explained to me that it's okay not to fit in and there will always be people that are judgmental and just plain rude. I don't believe in breaking others down to feel better - I believe in lifting each other up and helping each other out. Why can't we all succeed together? 

I want to wish a Happy Mother's Day to all of the superheroes out there - the strongest people in the world - our mothers. And a special Happy Mother's Day to my hero.. the woman who puts her children before everything.. the woman who brightens up every room.. the most loving, strong, hilarious, and fabulous woman out there - my mama.

I love you.