Destination Wedding: Sam and Kyla

Sometimes I go to take a photo of a couple and I can't quite get a serious photo of them because they just can't. stop. laughing. Fellow photographers, you know what I'm talking about. Sam and Kyla are one of those couples. I LOVE those couples.

Though the couple currently resides in Philadelphia, they wanted to tie the knot with a lake as their backdrop. Next thing I know I was packing my bags and heading out for an eight hour road trip to Camp Waziyatah, in Waterford, Maine. Sam and Kyla exchanged vows by a lilac covered gazebo in front of the lake. Birds sang, butterflies fluttered around us, and everyone was in tears from the couples sweet words to one another. It could not have been a more perfect day. 

The most touching moment of the day was when Kyla's father presented his lovely daughter with a gift. Since her grandfather had passed before the wedding, Kyla's dad had her grandfather's pocketwatch engraved with his initials and set to 3:30, the time of the ceremony. Now whenever Sam and Kyla look at this watch, they will not only remember the great memories of her sweet grandfather, but also the exact moment when they officially became husband and wife.

Sam and Kyla, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this incredible day. May you both have a life full of love and laughter together. 

♥ KB