Bridal Boudoir: Celia

“The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off.”

Celia came to me with one request. She wanted to give her husband a wedding anniversary gift that he will absolutely love. During our phone consultation, she told me something I hear all the time - "I don't normally do boudoir photography" and "I'm a little nervous."  Then she followed it with the magic phrase that every artist wants to hear - "I don't have a ton of ideas for this so I trust anything you come up with." 

Fireworks went off. This phone call was around 4th of July though, so that might have been the reason for the fireworks in Philadelphia. 

On a serious note, it is an amazing feeling when a client trusts you fully. However, it adds a bit of pressure because you really have to prove yourself. I asked Celia what it was exactly that she wanted to get out of this bridal boudoir photoshoot and she replied with, "I want my husband to never forget just how sexy his wife is." 

While reminiscing about her beautiful wedding day on the phone, Celia told me how much she loved her wedding dress and how she wished she could wear it one more time. I told her this was all I needed. When she arrived at my studio in center city Philadelphia, we had a glass of champagne, danced around to 90's pop music, and had the shoot run a little bit late because we spent too much time laughing. 

Here is the result: an anniversary gift that her husband will definitely never forget.