Personal: Slow Down

"I wanted to go to the gym, make fresh squeezed juice, write three blog posts, edit 2 weeks worth of photos, organize my hard drives, call the doctor, do the dishes, and have a sit down dinner with my mom but all I did was make juice and write one blog post!"  

Sometimes I'm non-stop. I’ve noticed that most women that I know are non-stop. Even when they aren’t working, their minds are not completely at ease because they are thinking about all of the things that they could be getting done. They wake up early to go work their full time jobs and then go home to work on their dream jobs of being full time photographers, designers, bloggers, and pastry chefs. They make their own money, pay the bills, cook, clean, and still don’t feel like they have done enough because they didn’t finish that one  last thing on their to do list. 

Why do we constantly feel like we need to do a million things and we need to do them by tonight? 

I was in the middle of editing when I realized that all this pressure that we put on ourselves is exactly that - pressure WE put on OURSELVES. It's all just our mindset. We're not failing. We're not falling behind. We're just being overly hard on ourselves. 

I turned off my computer and went for a walk to the closest flower shop. I bought a huge bouquet of beautiful white flowers and a card. The card read:

I’m sorry for not always being kind to you. I’m sorry if I put too much pressure on you to be the perfect business woman and all around the ‘perfect girl.’ You are doing the best you can. I promise to be kinder to you and to give you these littler reminders every so often.

Love you,

Know that you are enough. You are trying hard enough and you are moving fast enough in the direction of your dreams. In fact, if you are like me, you don’t need to speed up the process - you need to slow down. 

Instead of thinking of that one thing that didn’t get done, why don’t you think about all the things that you did do? No matter how small these things are, they are still a step that you took in the right direction and you need to be proud of that.

It’s easy to make lists of all the things we haven’t gotten done yet and stress out about them. Don’t.

Be proud of yourself for cleaning the house today.

Be proud of yourself for that one blog post, that new photoshop technique you learned, or those new promotional cards you ordered.

Be proud of the little things that you get done everyday. Know that you are doing great and continue to do great. Go out tomorrow morning and buy yourself some flowers. You deserve it. 

x Kseniya 

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