New Year's Happiness Notebook

Last year I had the happy jar.
Last week my new studio mascot / assistant knocked it off of the shelf and broke it.
Thanks Chloe.

This year I decided to do something a little more pet friendly - a happiness notebook. Instead of writing down just the good days like we did with the jar, this notebook will help you see the good in every day.

This is actually an exercise that I do before I go to bed every night. Before falling asleep, I think about 5 good things that happened that day. It gets a little difficult on days that just aren't that great but this exercise has helped me find the light in those days so I am hoping that this project will do the same for you.

On the first page, write January 1, 2016 and at the end of today, write something good that happened. It can be anything. It can be that you're feeling really positive about your resolutions or that you woke up and had mimosas for breakfast. I won't judge - I may or may not have done the same. 

Keep this notebook on your night stand and before going to bed every night, write down a quick sentence or two about something that made you smile that day. I hope this will help me with one of my resolutions, which is to be more positive and to try to see the good in every day; and I hope that your happiness notebook gets filled with bountiful memories that you will look back at and smile!

Happy New Years!!
<3 Kseniya