Nicole and Cory's Philadelphia City Hall Engagement

"We're really awkward" is the first thing this couple said to me.

Good. I love awkward. What I love even more is when people are themselves around me. I will take care of the lighting and making sure I get the perfect moments.. all you have to do is show up & have fun.. and that is exactly what Cory and Nicole did.

The couple woke up at sunrise to meet me at City Hall in Philadelphia for their engagement photos. I almost immediately had them jump in the fountains at Dilworth Park and start dancing around. Cory and Nicole are polished and well dressed, but also a very fun loving and silly couple so we spent the whole photoshoot dancing around and acting completely goofy.

No need for stiff, awkward poses. These are photos you're going to keep for a life time. They need to represent you - and I think these photos represent exactly who this couple is!