Annette & Bruce | Philadelphia Engagement Photography

When I saw Bruce walk out of his car wearing a suit on one of the hottest days we’ve ever had in Philly, I think my face said it all - because he just goes, “I know. I know! I just want the photos to look good!” At that moment, I knew we’d get along!

I met up with Bruce and Annette on a day where we had a heat advisory in Philly. Everyone warned us about going outside in the heat, but with such busy schedules, we were determined to make this work - and I am SO glad we did.

Not only are Bruce and Annette a beautiful couple, they are so in love that it radiates from them. The couple was all smiles the whole shoot and in the middle of walking around Cescaphe’s Waterworks, Annette looked at me and said, “I’m so sorry that we can’t take a serious photo - I can’t stop laughing whenever I’m with him.”

I know. My heart melted too. Check out the photos below to see how seriously adorable these two are!