The girl behind the lens


My name is Kseniya (pronounced kiss - en - ya). I am a high-energy, tea-drinking, adventure-loving photographer.

I am based in Philadelphia but travel all over the world to document beautiful memories.


What is my style of photography?


My style is best described as timeless with a nod toward high fashion. I definitely envision the photos I want to make before I even show up to the shoot. Understanding that quality is in the attention to detail, I pride myself in making sure every one of my photos are held to the highest standards.

Above all else, I want to make sure that you have an unforgettable shoot filled with love and lots of laughter. I'm not about awkward posing. I want you to be yourselves because at the end of the day, these photographs need to represent who you are as a couple.

Be silly. Laugh together. Dance! Whatever you like to do, do it. The best parts of any wedding day are those lovely in-between moments when the couple is not posing for the camera, but when they are in their own world and so in love. All you have to worry about is enjoying those precious moments together, and I will make sure your beautiful memories last a lifetime.




Photography is more than a “like” online — and even more than a piece of paper. It’s an investment in something today that will be priceless tomorrow




Photography is so powerful. You can hold a photograph in your hand and instantly travel back to one of the best days of your life. Looking at photographs of our favorite memories can make us overwhelmed with emotion. Whether reminiscing about a joyous occasion or looking at a photo of someone we miss, being able to hold onto these memories is simply invaluable. 

Do you remember a time when you were somewhere AMAZING with your significant other, and you wanted to revel in it, but you also wanted to make sure you never forget this moment? What did you do? You broke out of the moment, rummaged through your purse to find your cell phone, and took a selfie — a closeup of your faces with the scenery justttt peeking through in the background. Then you looked through the photos and took three more “just in case” because you wouldn’t want to leave this gorgeous place without making sure you definitely have at least one photo you like, right? Are you still reveling in the beauty of the fleeting moment or is the moment kind of... gone? 

Don’t worry. We’ve all been there. That’s why I’m here.

I will make sure there are no distractions or worries. All you have to do is hug each other tight and be truly present. I will be there on your most important days because I know how quickly moments become memories and how priceless these beautifully documented memories will become. 




Like many young girls growing up, I didn’t feel comfortable with myself. My hip bones stuck out through my denim skirts but I always felt “fat.” I’ve had stretch marks all over my body since I was very young. My ears would show through my thin hair and I would never dream of putting my hair up in a ponytail in public. I would spend hours flipping through magazines, comparing myself to different girls in the advertisements.

One day, I took a photography class and didn’t have models to photograph so I set the camera on a timer and photographed myself. I would try to position my legs in a way where they looked longer, my arms where they looked thinner, and fluff my hair up so you couldn’t see my ears. When I looked at the photos, I saw that in one shot, I turned out exactly how I wanted, and in the next, I looked exactly how I didn’t want to. In the first photo, I focused on my happy smile and in the second, I focused on how I turned my body in a “weird way.” 

Somehow, that’s all it took for it to make sense. Photography, mindset and life are all about focus. Photography helped me see that if I focus on the negatives, I will hate the overall photo, but if I focus on the positives, the not-so-positives also become alright. 

My ears are still the same size they always were. I still have all my stretch marks (or lightning-bolt tattoos as I now like to call them) and my waist and hips are bigger than when I thought I was “fat.” What changed? Instead of paying attention to my big ears, I give attention to my big, brown eyes and my larger-than-life laugh (seriously, once you hear me laugh, you can’t unhear it — it is LOUD). Now, I throw my thin hair up in a ponytail and get to work ... because ain’t nobody got precious time to waste on being overly critical of themselves. 

This is why photography was the best kind of mirror for me; It showed me my reflection but also taught me to concentrate on the positives of not only myself, but everyone around me. 

I will not photoshop anyone to look different. I would rather photograph you in a way where you see your real, natural beauty and you begin to celebrate it every day. It is my job to highlight your best features and to get rid of any insecurity you may have. Insecurities are real, and we ALL have them (even the bossiest of the boss babes), but you know what else we have? Something great in all of us. I promise that once you start celebrating the things that you love about yourself, you will see that the things you worried about before will lose their power. And you will even start to see these ‘negatives’ turn into positives as well. 

So to quote Alessia Cara, “Let me be your mirror. Help you see a little bit clearer the light that shines within.”


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How far am I willing to travel?


I have photographed weddings from Philly to California and from Italy to England.
My suitcase stays packed so I am always ready to travel, looking for the next big adventure.

2019 Destinations: Tulum, Mexico | New York, New York | Manchester, England | Venice, Italy

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