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Like many young girls growing up, I didn’t feel comfortable with myself. My hip bones stuck out through my denim skirts but I was always too critical of myself and thought that I was “fat.” I’ve had stretch marks all over my body since I was very young. My ears would show through my thin hair and I would never dream of putting my hair up in a ponytail in public. I would spend hours flipping through magazines, looking at all the women in the advertisements, and picking myself apart.

One day, I took a photography class and didn’t have models to photograph so I set the camera on a timer and photographed myself. I would try to position my legs in a way where they looked longer and fluff my hair up so you couldn’t see my ears. When I looked at the photos, I saw that in one shot, I turned out exactly how I wanted, and in the next, I looked exactly how I didn’t want to. In the first photo, I looked happy so I focused on my smile and in the second, I focused on how I turned my body in a “weird way.” 

Somehow, that’s all it took for it to make sense. Photography, mindset and life are all about what you focus on. Photography helped me see that if I focus on the negatives, I will hate the overall photo, but if I focus on the positives, the not-so-positives also become alright. 

boudoir Experience


Boudoir photography is for the woman working on herself every day who realizes she deserves to commemorate all that hard work. It's for the confident woman who wants to celebrate life and celebrate herself. True confidence is not defined by your job title or your looks, but how you feel. It is all about your mindset. 

Boudoir is about celebrating what makes you feel your best and it is different for everybody. My style of boudoir photography is suggestive. The portraits I create show the allure and sensuality of a moment without being too revealing. As confident women, we don't do things for other peoples attention; We don't have to. We know our value and we know that we are absolutely worth a beautiful photo shoot. 

It’s about acceptance.
It’s about confidence.
It’s about the freedom to be unapologetically you.

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I work very closely with my clients, making sure that each client gets the best possible product and use of my time. In order to give each client the attention they deserve and have a refined focus, I take on limited amount of portrait sessions each year.

Kseniya has a captivating energy which melts away any doubts you may have.

It is difficult to reveal yourself to another person, especially for the camera! Kseniya made me feel gorgeous in my own skin and most importantly made me feel like myself! Her talent cannot be bought nor taught, she is a natural at what she does, and her energy is captivating! 

Katia B

I'm not a person who feels comfortable in front of the camera (at ALL!) but I couldn't have asked for a better photographer. 

What I loved most about working with Kseniya is she's all about empowering you and helping you get in touch with your inner beauty while making sure your pictures look amazing! Her keen sense of detail combined with her artistic vision and great sense of humor creates a warm and welcoming environment in which you can feel the most yourself.

Dajah P 

Kseniya's beautiful photos are just a piece of what makes her so special. There is so much more that goes into making that final product happen & she is truly talented at every one of them. 

I am naturally very self-conscious and awkward in front of the camera, and I rarely like pictures of myself. Kseniya made the experience SO easy and so fun and was the best hype woman. It honestly felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. When the preview pictures came back, I couldn't believe my eyes. I loved so many of the photos! Let me just say, that never happens for me. Magic. Kseniya is the best!

Jessica V

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