UNICO 20°87 | Wedding Venue & Honeymoon Destination Review

I have stayed at SO many all-inclusives that it’s pretty hard for me to be blown away by one. Now this is not me hating on all-inclusives. In fact, I love to go at the end of every wedding season to hang out by the pool, read a book, and eat allll the food the buffets have to offer. Don’t judge.

UNICO 20°87 is the first all-inclusive hotel that blew me away. It is like all the other great, tropical all-inclusives I’ve been to, but x1000! Seriously! Even if I tried my hardest I could not find a single thing about this hotel that was not perfect.

UNICO 20°87 is definitely not cheap, but this luxury, adult only, all-inclusive experience is so worth it.







The resort
Even though UNICO 20°87 is technically a large, all-inclusive resort, it feels more like a chic boutique hotel. It is not too small where you feel like there are a million people in one area in but it is not massive where you have to take a golf cart from your room to the restaurant for dinner.

The decor is a simple mix of relaxed bohemian and luxury modern. The level of detail that went into designing and maintaining this place is seriously impressive. If there was ever any small detail out of place, like a chip in a tile at the pool, I noticed someone walking over with a manager to look at it and make notes right away. You can tell that the people here take pride in caring for the space that they work.

There is also a brand new gym and beautiful spa on the grounds. While the gym is fairly small, it has more equipment than I would ever think an all-inclusive would have. Everything is very clean, very modern, and very busy before breakfast time so if you’re a gym fanatic, try to get there very early or at 9AM after the pre-breakfast rush. They even offer classes, which I thought was awesome.

The spa is gorgeous. I did not personally get a massage so I cannot leave a review on anything other than how it looked but I think I definitely will go to the spa next time I am here. If anyone has gone, let me know how it was!

The only negative I could find about this hotel and that is if I had to pick a negative was the beach. If you are a fan of expansive beaches, the beach at UNICO 20°87 is very small in comparison to other resort beaches. This for me was the only, and very minor ‘negative’ as the pools were so beautiful and I spent all my time there. I just know some people totally live for the beach so I thought I would note that.




What makes UNICO 20°87 really stand out above the other places is the food and service.

The Food
All of the food here (even the buffet food) is easily the same quality as any top, trendy restaurant. Usually when you think of an all-inclusive resort you don’t think of high end food, but even my not easily impressed mother said that she had some of the best tuna tartar of her life at the buffet at UNICO. They have fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juice every morning. They have a variety of vegan and gluten free options on every corner. I think they had 3 different types of dairy free milks and even chia seed pudding for breakfast! The restaurants range from Italian to local Mexican cuisine and the drinks are top shelf.

There was a little coffee shop by the entrance to the hotel, where we grabbed a quick salmon sandwich and lemon tart before leaving to meet with the couple for their wedding portraits, and the groom was mind blown at the quality of the food. It was fresh. It was filling. It was beyond anything we ever had at any resort.









The Service
You’re probably tired of reading the words ‘beyond amazing’ but it really was beyond amazing. Upon arrival, every guest gets paired up with a local host. Your host will help you if you need to book dinner reservations, excursions outside of the hotel, or really anything else.

When you first arrive to the hotel, you are also given a selection of scents to go through. Once you pick a scent that you like best, they infuse that scent into your room. Not only did our whole room smell amazing, but even our toilet paper smelled nice. I know that is the weirdest sentence you will ever read on my blog but the whole room smelled, in my mom’s words, “not like cheap perfume – but good perfume” the whole time and I just couldn’t believe it.

Each room also comes with two straw hats. Each guest gets their own straw hat and there is an artist by the pool that hand paints whatever you want onto your hat. Some people get ‘do not disturb’ or ‘bride’ written on their hats while others just decorate theirs in fun colors.

Something that stood out to me about the service, other than how helpful and friendly everyone was, were the activities. Most all-inclusive resorts have some sort of day and night time events such as volleyball or live music, but UNICO offered all of the above plus cooking classes, underwater spin classes, and salsa lessons!



Overall, UNICO 20°87 is definitely one of the best places I have ever stayed at and I would without a doubt return again. I even did some location scouting for portraits and found some awesome, ‘not too obvious’ locations for photos so if you are reading this, and you are planning a wedding at UNICO 20°87, you know who to reach out to 😉



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