This is 30.

As a woman, I understand that getting older is supposed to be scary. I’m supposed to let the world of marketing slowly influence me into going on a carb free diet and getting my wrinkles filled. I’m supposed to let the older generations convince me that I better hurry up and figure out exactly what I want to do with my life “before it’s too late.”

Can I tell you a secret though – there is no ‘supposed to.’ And a secret about this whole getting older thing that no one may have told you? It’s actually pretty awesome.

Every year that I get older, I get wiser. I grow from my past mistakes. I am smarter with my actions. I become more aware of people’s intentions. I am more unapologetic, more confident in my decisions, and more excited about each day ahead.

My 20’s were unforgettable. I graduated college. I met some incredible people. I went on a ton of pretty epic adventures. I met Ed Sheeran (<— that deserves its own spot). I moved out on my own.  I bought my dream car. I started my own business.

Another thing I did in my late 20’s was develop really bad anxiety. I fell into the pressures of feeling like everything in my life had to be perfect. I would pretend to like hobbies that other people liked just so we had something to talk about. I would be ashamed of the things that I genuinely did like for fear of being judged. I was a ball of stress trying to keep up with all of my “supposed to’s.”

The closer I got to 30 though, the more I slowed down and started to take life day by day. I stopped focusing on the future and what everyone around me was doing. I realized that I can’t control everything, and quite frankly, I didn’t want to anymore. I began to understand that there is a reason why different people come into our lives at different times. When you start to share your most authentic self, not everyone that is currently in your life will respond well to it. Share it anyway. You will meet new people – people that you will not need to explain yourself to, because they will just get you – the real you.

30 is not the terrifying birthday you were told about. 30 is not added pressure. 30 is not too late.

30 is celebrating your most authentic self.
30 is understanding that time is valuable so you are selective with how you spend yours.
30 is being present in the moment.
30 is clarity.
30 is reading good books.
30 is tea time with friends. When friends call out of the blue and say, “Hey, I’m in the area.. fancy having a cup of tea?” and you saying, “of course!” and then talking for hours and hours while drinking tea and eating cookies. 
30 is still allowing yourself to eat cookies (and cake).
30 is ugly laughing with friends until your stomachs hurt.
30 is not feeling bad about making yourself a priority because you now understand that it isn’t selfish, but just what you need to do to be able to give the world the best version of yourself.
30 is traveling to new places.
30 is strength and confidence.
30 is letting go of control and allowing for things to unfold naturally.
30 is trusting that everything will work out exactly how it is supposed to.

This. This is 30. 
And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


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