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Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events

Whether you are looking for Day-Of Coordination or a Full-Service Planner, Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events has you covered for your Philadelphia wedding day. Shannon and her team of creative planners have been adding their signature aesthetic to events since 2011 and have no plans of slowing down anytime soon.

Stylish black and white details of a young couples wedding day including a chic invitation suite, simple white heels, a beautiful bouquet of white roses, and a custom pearl purse for the bride

About Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events

Having worked with Shannon’s talented team, I know first hand how passionate they are at what they do. Besides loving the creative process, this team understands that the importance is in the communication and the detail. They work closely with you to make sure everything is taken care of – and they deliver on their promise of incredible service.

Working in the Philadelphia wedding planning industry for over 13 years, Shannon combines her experience with her zen-like attitude to deliver a calming wedding planning experience.

How did you get into wedding and event planning? 
How long have you been planning events?

“I’ve been planning events since 2011. After leaving the corporate world to have my son in 2010, I quickly realized I needed a creative release from the monotony that is the infant stages. I had also worked since I was 15 and didn’t love the feeling of relying on my husband for income! Since I was in baby mode, I started planning elaborate children’s parties, bridal showers, mitzvahs – literally everything but weddings. Once I got a taste of entrepreneurship, I knew I wasn’t ever going back to a 9 to 5, but I knew I needed more events. Enter weddings.”

What types of services do you offer —
full-service planning, part-time planning, month-of coordination?

“We offer all levels of planning from Month-Of Coordination (aka Day-Of) to Partial and Full Planning. We also offer Design services as both an a la carte service and as part of our Full Planning packages. Creating an event that is both logistically seamless while full of gorgeous design elements is what drives us.”

What’s your favorite part about working weddings in Philadelphia?

“I love how varied our environments can be as a Philadelphia wedding vendor. From the modern Four Seasons hotel in Center City to the wide open spaces of Bartram’s Gardens tucked away in Southwest. Even to the marinas down the shore, our city is no one-trick pony. There’s a space for every couple!”

Are you looking to get into more destination weddings?
Where would be your ideal destination?

“I’ve built my business in Philly and its backyards and I’m happy to stay here! While weddings in far flung destinations look beautiful and I DO love a tropical cocktail, I prefer to use my carefully curated vendor partners in our area to create stunning wedding days right here in the Philadelphia area. Plus, as a mom and proud homebody, traveling for business isn’t on our vision board for the time-being!”

What are your favorite, and least favorite, wedding trends at the moment?

“My favorite trends right now are weddings that feature interactive elements and non-traditional floorplans. I love seeing guests delight in something that is new and unexpected to them. Guests could check in with a “hostess” to get their menus and seating assignment for a foodie focused couple or have late night espresso martinis passed for a caffeine boost on the dance floor! We also are always down for mixing up the room layout. Skip the room full of rounds (tables) and add in some lounge seating for a cocktail style reception for the non-traditional couple.

Our least favorite trend is doing the same thing your sister, your co-worker or the girl you follow on Instagram did for their wedding. Use your wedding day to tell your story and be open to fresh new ideas!”

Describe your ideal client.

“Our ideal client is aesthetic obsessed. They know that the details are what make the design. They are successful in their respective fields and know that hiring and trusting professionals guarantees a seamless and successful event.”

What would be your biggest piece of advice to couples?
What about advice for planners who are just starting out?

“You’ve done your research on your vendors, right? So sit back and allow your professionals to do their job. While weddings seem like a fun/hobby/easily accessible job, running a successful business is none of those things. If you’ve hired a reputable vendor, you’re in good hands and they know more about weddings than you do, EVEN if you’re basically a professional bridesmaid. 🙂

In weddings, there’s no room for ego. If you’re just starting out in the industry, it’s easy to get a big head, thinking that as the planner, you’re in charge and everyone needs to listen to you – Big boss lady sort of thing. While that’s kind of true, approaching it from a team leader perspective is going to gain your fellow vendor’s trust and camaraderie is much easier. Every weekend we’re with new co-workers in different workspaces. Being flexible and agreeable goes a long way!”

How would you describe your style and/or approach to planning a wedding?

“We take a calming approach to wedding planning. I know, after almost 18 years of marriage, that your wedding day will be a great party and a memorable day for your family and friends. It will probably not be the best day of your life. There are so many life experiences waiting out there. In that thinking, just know that issues may arise on your wedding day. Busses break down. Stains get spilled. Emotions run high and disagreements can happen. But it’s all going to be okay. Our team is there to help you handle all of these things and more. And more importantly, we will help you focus on your new husband or wife and reassure you that at the end of the day, if you’re married, it’s all good. Life is good.

We are also known for being open, transparent and honest. Weddings are a huge expense and whenever money is involved, we find it best to keep the communication lines open! It’s easy to get wrapped up in all of the HAVE TO HAVES but we’ll guide you in the process while educating you on the reality of wedding planning.”

What is your secret to staying calm under pressure?

“Nothing can make up for a lack of experience. After planning events for over a decade, there’s a confidence we’ve gained, knowing that we can handle almost anything. Combine that wisdom with a zen-like attitude and we’re going to have a great day. Nothing fazes us!”

Bride and groom going for a walk and leaning in for a kiss outside of the second bank in Philadelphia
White florals and tall candles fill the reception hall of Crystal Tea Room as the young bride and groom go in for a kiss and guests celebrate with their martinis in hand

Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events

For some gorgeous Philadelphia wedding day inspiration, check out Shannon’s Instagram to see why she is undoubtedly one of the best at what she does. If you are ready to get a planner on your side to help turn your wedding day dreams into a reality, send the Shannon Wellington Weddings & Events team a message at

Just like finding a planner who understands your vision is crucial, finding a photographer who will capture your unique celebration’s style and joy is equally as important. I’ve traveled the world photographing beautiful events and I’d love to be there for you for your wedding. Contact me today to find out more information about wedding photography.

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